The 3 most often asked questions.


The Six Chuter Powered Parachute is completely different from all other forms of aircraft. Although the Six Chuter aircraft are classified as ultralights by Transport Canada the only comparison between all other fixed wing ultralights and the Six Chuter is the weight. The weight being close to the same, they are given the same ultralight classification.

Some people seeing powered parachutes for the first time think they look dangerous, however the Six Chuter is inherently safe because of it’s pendulum style stability. We use a high performance ram-air parachute for our wing, better known as an inflatable wing or canopy. The fact that the Six Chuter uses a parachute for a wing means that from the time it leaves the ground to the time it lands, it has a safety parachute deployed. Stalls, spins, and structural failures which account for most of the injury related accidents in fixed wing aircraft are eliminated in the Six Chuter powered parachutes. If for any reason your engine should stop, just relax, you can still steer as normal, just pick a spot and glide safely to the ground.


Once you’ve purchased your Six Chuter and have been trained, your only cost basically is fuel. The purchase price of your Six Chuter is very competitive and gives you excellent value. The price of your Six Chuter fits into the cost category comparable to that of a medium priced boat. Training ranges from $750.00-$1000.00 and that’s pretty much it. Compared to ultralights and other types of aircraft your Six Chuter is extremely inexpensive.


Absolutely not. There’s only four controls. When you’re on the ground the nose wheel is controlled by the steering stick, left to go left, and right to go right. Once you leave the ground the steering stick does nothing. Now you have only three controls. Push left rudder tube to go left, and push right rudder tube to go right. The throttle does the rest. Add power to go up, and decrease power to come down. Now can you see why we say, anyone can do this, and we’re sure you can too!