Six Chuter P3 Lite Powered Parachute

The All New P3 Lite Powered Parachute Kit by Six Chuter International LLC.

The P3 Lite is the latest addition to the Six Chuter fleet of Light Sport and Ultralight Powered Parachutes. The P3 Lite has been designed to make flying simpler, safer, more fun and less expensive. The airframe is light, strong and easily portable. And it is a real powered parachute not a para-glider or powered para-glider. Powered Parachutes offer the easiest and safest way to fly.


  • Full rolling airframe Kit.
  • Choice of Powdercoat colors.
  • Azusa Lite Wheels and tires.
  • Five gallon gas tank.
  • Fiberglass instrument pod.
  • Seat and upholstery.
  • Kawasaki 440 engine including tuned exhaust. Single Carb.
  • Three blade propeller.
  • Tiny Tach RPM indicator.
  • CHT and EGT instruments.
  • Sunriser Barnstormer 360 canopy, storage sack and line socks.
P3 Lite Powered Parachute


Airframe Empty Weight245
Ideal Gross Weight720
Maximum Payload475
Fuel Capacity5 Gallons/2 Hours
Rate of Climb200-500 fpm
Sink Rate3 – 8’/sec
Glide Ratio3 – 6:1
Takeoff Distance100 – 400′
Stall SpeedStall Resistant