Skyeryder Powered Parachute

Amateur Built Light Sport Powered Parachute

This model is a two-seat version of our popular P3 Lite ultralight model. It is designed to be simple, strong, lightweight and great performing. The result is the ability to build a high quality and safe flying powered parachute at a cost much less than purchasing a factory built Special Light Sport or Experimental Kit. The Skyeryder is offered in four component kits so that a builder can purchase and build in phases.

SKYERYDER 2 Features:

  • Rotax 582 65 H.P.
  • Pull Start
  • Deluxe Digital EIS
  • Molded Fiberglass Instrument Pod
  • 10 Gallon Poly Gas Tank with Fuel Shut Off
  • Spring Shock Suspension
  • Intuitive Ground Steering and Throttle
  • Bucket Seats
  • PD,Apco or ASAP Canopies
  • Chute Bag and Line Socks
  • 3 Blade Composite Propeller
Skyeryder Powered Parachute

SKYERYDER 2 Options:

  • Rotax 582 E with Electric Start
  • Powder Coat Airframe with Choice of Colors
  • High Back Seats
  • Turf Tires
  • Avionics
  • Four-Point Seatbelt Harness
Skyeryder Powered Parachute


EngineRotax 582. Owner can install other engines.
Gear Reduction2.58:1 or 3.47:1
Output65 H.P.
Maximum RPM6800 rpm not to exceed 3 min. 6500 sustained takeoff.
Canopy Apco Mark IV, Performance Designs Sunriser 500 or ASAP S500
Area500 – 550 sq. ft.
Airframe Weight325 – 425 lb.
Maximum Gross Weight1000 – 1100 lb. (as rated by specific canopy)
Maximum Payload575 – 675 lb. (includes fluids, occupants and other equipment)
Airspeed26 – 28mph
Fuel Capacity10 – 15 Gallons
Rate of Climb300 – 800 ft/min
Sink Rate3 – 8’/sec
Glide Ratio3:1 to 6:1
Takeoff Distance100′ – 400′ into the wind
Stall SpeedStall Resistant
Prop3 Blade Composite
CanopyPD Sunriser 500